Trance Healing has been described as Reiki with a Turbo Boost.

Healing with Emma Dali Leverton – a qualified Trance Healer, Psychic Surgeon, Medium and Reiki Practitioner.

Trance Healing and Psychic Surgery is non-invasive healing – sessions are conducted confidentially, in private and in person at my Spiritual Centre in Dorchester, Dorset, UK.

It is possible to have this service as distance healing either over the phone or Skype.  Many clients have experienced incredible results remotely.  This will take approximately two hours in total but charged at the same price.  Initially you will be sent a consent form and information about Trance Healing which you must agree to in writing via email.  On the day of your healing an initial phone conversation will take place, then the healing will be given remotely.  You will need to sit quietly whilst this is taking place.  After about 45 minutes I will call you back to your landline or using WhatsApp/Skype with full feedback of what has transpired and ways forward.

Healing is given through the hands of the Medium in person or remotely with distance healing. Like Reiki, Trance Healing (Spiritual Healing) uses vital life force energy, or Chi, to heal the body holistically.  It differs slightly from Reiki in that the practitioner connects directly with Spirit and as they draw close, Spirit energy is delivered through the healer to the patient.  The Practitioner will place their hands on your knees and Spirit will know where to deliver the healing and/or perform surgery.  You will remain fully clothed and seated.  The whole body will improve but especially areas of need.

At the start of your session I will look at your Aura and Chakras to ascertain imbalances and points of weakness, we will look at your medical conditions and way of life and also offer psychic guidance.  This is a holistic experience, I look at your mind, your body and Spirit as this is important for proper healing.  We will need to complete a form and whilst we are doing this Spirit will already be sending me information regarding your healing.

When working I will enter a state of semi-altered consciousness, or Trance, in order to connect with Spirit.  This is not alarming but I will be working silently.  You may feel warmth or coldness permeating your body, all clients have different, comforting feelings and experiences but you do not have to feel anything in particular for the healing to be of benefit.

Trance Healing is a very relaxing and uplifting experience but if you feel at all worried about this I am able to give you just pure Reiki.

Whilst working, Spirit talks to me throughout in a running commentary as they scan your body, explain procedures and exactly what they are doing, they will also inform me of dietary deficiencies, blockages and old injuries.  Full feedback and recommendations for you to continue your healing at home will be given at the end.

After healing your vibration will have been raised but everyone does react differently, some clients feel wiped out, others are bursting with energy.  I would advise taking a slow approach to life for 24hours after healing, drinking plenty of water and abstaining from alcohol for a couple of days.

Three of my four main guides work together in a healing session.  My main healing guide is the eminent and truly wonderful Alice Fisher  A beautiful two page article was published in September 2016 about Alice and I in Take a Break’s Fate and Fortune magazine – here is a link to the current month  Alice and her team of doctors perform the majority of all healing, including surgery and emotional healing.  Hung Chi works on your energy fields and Feather, being Native American, looks more at the dietary aspects.

Trance Healing is an alternative therapy and in no way should go against any advice from your doctor.

Healing will not cause harm or disruption to any medication that you may be taking, it can only help, never harm.  Healing energies will reach their optimum within 3 days of your session, blockages will we removed and latent problems may come out in order to be dispelled and healed; this is a totally natural process of healing.  Everyone responds differently and of course it depends on each individual problem and there can be no guarantees.  Many clients feel that they wish to return within a few weeks, the majority find every six months is sufficient and some (especially with surgery) don’t ever need to return.  Every being is so different and we are all individual in how we react and heal.  Trance Healing will have a profound positive effect on the majority of clients and then it is up to you to monitor and take responsibility for your progress.

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Having had many years of experience working with young people, I am more than happy to see younger people however, anyone  under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult or have parental written consent.

Please note, healing is strictly on a one to one basis unless the client needs support for health reasons.